Police Misconduct Attorney New Orleans

Police Misconduct Injury Attorney New Orleans

Police misconduct refers to any action taken by police officers that is inappropriate, illegal, and against the policies. Police misconduct may also be referred to as police corruption.


  • False confessions

Some law enforcement officers force individuals to provide false confessions and plead them guilty for something they have not done. This may be done to protect the person who has actually committed the crime.

  • Tampering of witness

Tampering of witness is one of the most prevalent types of police misconduct. It occurs when an officer alters the testimony of the witness or prevents a witness from affirming civil or criminal proceedings.

  • Racial profiling

It is the use of someone’s ethnicity or race as a justification for suspecting him.

  • Police brutality and excessive use of force: Police officers can only use that force which is proportionate to the situation. They do not have the right to injure anyone without reason. When a police officer makes use of excessive force, it violates the civil rights of the individuals. Also, excessive force may lead to physical injuries and in some cases even death. Getting adequate financial compensation can help victims get justice in police brutality cases.
  • Police Taser: Taser stun guns are considered to be harmless, delivering only stopping force. But in reality, these guns could also lead to death. Unrestrained Taser use could lead to permanent and potentially fatal injuries due to the repeated shocking of the victim.
  • Police shooting deaths: Ideally, police officers should use their weapons only as a last resort when their life is in danger. If there’s an unjustified police shooting, the victim’s family is entitled to file for compensation.

Attorneys at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess have rich experience in handling police misconduct cases. Any proven misconduct may lead to both civil and criminal penalties for the offending officer and the police department.

When a law enforcement officer does not adhere to the limitations of their authority, it may end up hampering the trust of the citizens and also result in severe physical injuries to the victim. Police abuse lawsuits are designed to obtain compensation for the victims and also act as an important deterrent in our society to ensure that appropriate standards are followed.

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