Personal Injury Attorney New Orleans

Personal Injury Attorney New Orleans

You hear the term all the time on television. An injury to your body is really what personal injury means, simply calling it bodily injury would suffice. Personal injury is the classification of tort law specifically dealing with negligence, liability.


Personal injury law is a specialty. In the same way doctors specialize in different kinds of medicine, lawyers specialize in branches of the law. Similarly, personal injury lawyers understand the law and issues that are unique to injury law.


Anyone who hires a law firm that does not specialize in personal injury law is a general knowledge attorney: someone that may understand basic fundamentals of that practice, but does not have the unique set of skills specific to injury law.


The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess

Insurance companies are in business to collect premiums and protect their bottom line, not to pay out injury claims. Working with experienced personal injury lawyers familiar with Louisiana law can make the difference in your case. At the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess, we’ve made that difference for thousands of clients. We’re ready to do the same for you.


Experience is key in hiring a professional. Beware of inexperienced lawyers, recently graduated and lacking experience. The lawyers at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess are personal injury attorneys that have over 20 years of experience in personal injury law.

Our firm handles thousands of injury cases due to:


Common personal injuries:

  • Back injuries (due to lifting heavy or awkward objects)
  • Hand/wrist injuries (carpal tunnel syndrome, etc)
  • Eye injuries (foreign body in eye, chemical splashes, sport, physical assault, etc)
  • Whiplash (car accident, truck accident)
  • Ear injuries (noise induced deafness)
  • Psychiatric injuries (stress, workplace bullying, accident)
  • Head injuries (road accident, physical assault, sport etc)
  • Leg injuries (sport accidents, slips, trips and falls)
  • Arm injuries (workplace, sport, falls, etc)

Call our New Orleans Personal Injury Lawyers today for a FREE review of your personal injury case. We typically work on a contingent agreement basis, which means our fees are contingent upon the outcome of your case.


Don’t Delay! You may have a valid claim! Let us help you get your compensation before the statute of limitations expires!

The Team at The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess are Professionals Committed to Seeing Justice Done for You and Your Family.

New Orleans Personal Injury Attorney


When you have been injured in an accident, it is essential that you are well-informed about your rights and the legal avenues that you can use to seek financial compensation. When a client hires us, they know they get access to the experience and legal power necessary to get the best settlement or verdict.

Through personal injury claims, you and your loved ones are entitled to get reimbursement for all the losses you suffer.


Most claims are resolved through an out-of-court settlement. If you get the matter settled, you won’t have to go through the hassle of a trial; you collect an agreed sum and forget about future legal actions related to your injury.

If there can’t be an agreement, a personal injury lawsuit is filed. Injury claims are based on the severity of an injury and the insurance coverage available.

We work with police officers and insurance companies and in courtrooms on a daily basis. We know how to prepare our clients for court trials. Our goal is to ensure that your voice is heard.

The opposing legal team will be doing everything they can to show that their client is not liable. If you’ve suffered losses with no fault of your own, you need someone who can fight for your right to fair compensation.

Choosing the right lawyer is crucial. You need a solicitor who is not afraid to bring your case to trial, especially if there is no reasonable settlement. Personal injury attorneys have hands-on experience in handling multiple personal injury cases with ease.

Don’t Wait to Contact Us

The faster we are able to work on your case, the better it is going to be. Insurance companies will strive hard to make sure that you get the lowest possible settlement.

Personal Injury cases may be complicated: evidence may go missing, witnesses may forget the intricate details of the incident etc. If the liable party is an entity, they may adopt innumerable ways to cover up the case.

The temptation to settle the matter out of court is understandable. Medical bills may be piling up and you may need money urgently. If you have sustained injuries or suffered losses, it’s best to let an attorney review your case before you decide to settle it yourself.

The Faster We Are Able To Work On Your Case, The Better It Will Be!

We Get the Job Done Right


A good personal injury attorney has an in-depth understanding of the concerned law. The attorneys at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess use their investigative experience to your advantage. We can always fight for the rights that you are entitled to. Many settlement firms focus on taking up innumerable cases at a single point of time. They settle these cases as quickly as possible and don’t give sufficient time. By making time to do the job right, we achieve the best possible outcome in the shortest time.

The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess are spread across 8 locations throughout Louisiana and are also licensed to practice in the state of Texas.

Our firm has more than 20 years of experience in managing personal injury cases. We have always been acknowledged for recovering millions on behalf of our clients through verdicts and settlements.

We ensure to provide guidance and attention to our clients. We understand how financial compensation works, whether it’s for lost wages, medical expenses, property damages, or pain and suffering. Our New Orleans, Louisiana personal injury attorneys and staff manage all the aspects of our clients’ claims, from the initial investigation, to the trial and, if necessary, to appellate proceedings too.

Free Personal Injury Consultation

A lot of people avert legal advice because they think they can’t afford it. Others just don’t trust lawyers. The solicitors at the  Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess will not only give you a free personal injury consultation but we also strive hard to provide you with maximum recompense. We make use of video conferencing and electronic communication for maximum convenience.

Our lawyers will ensure that you get compensation for your present as well as future expenses. They will also fight to ensure that you maintain your standard of living.

No matter what you decide to do, a consultation will help you in determining how you are to handle your case. Our law firm will discuss the best option during the discussion.

We exhaust all the insurance policies and collateral sources of income to maximize the revenue for our clients, be it in New Orleans or other areas of Louisiana and Texas.