Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in New Orleans, LA

Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in New Orleans, LA

People enter assisted living facilities and nursing homes because they are no longer able to care for themselves or safely live alone. They depend on the staff and supervisors of the facility to provide for their needs/health requirements and keep them safe.


Every year, millions of families have to consider placing a love one in a nursing facility. We hope that they receive a high standard of care and treated with respect. All too often, they are not.


Avoidable injuries that result from negligence or intentional actions are often considered abuse. Whether a resident is injured by accident or by actions that may qualify as a crime, a civil lawsuit is a potential legal remedy.


Nursing home abuse and neglect occurs more frequently than you would expect. There are approximately 2 million cases of nursing home abuse reports every year. An estimated five times as many go unreported.


Neglect is the most common form of elder abuse. 95% of residents said they experienced neglect or saw another resident neglected.

Physical abuse is the most common occurrence of elder abuse.  Additionally, emotional abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, and financial exploitation all happen far too often.


Abuse: intentional infliction of injury, punishment, intimidation, unreasonable confinement, or service and care deprivation that results in physical harm, pain or mental anguish

Neglect: failure to provide the necessary services and care that ensures freedom from pain or harm. A failure to prevent or react to a potentially dangerous situation that results in anxiety and harm.


Abuse Statistics

Elder Abuse Cases Reported Each Year:

  • Neglect                                 58.5%
  • Physical Abuse                    15.7%
  • Financial Abuse                   12.3%
  • Emotional Abuse                   7.3%
  • Sexual Abuse                         .04%
  • All Other Types                       5.1%
  • Unknown                                 .06%

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Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Physical injuries often result from some form of assault and battery including:

  • slapping
  • pushing
  • beating
  • kicking
  • pinching
  • shaking
  • restraining

Financial exploitation is the most common form of non-physical abuse of the elderly, including:

  • identity theft
  • misuse of checks,bank accounts, or credit cards
  • stolen money, checks, or belongings
  • forging signatures
  • authorization of withdrawals or transfers of money

Residents are often victims of psychological and emotional abuse. Examples include:

  • intimidation through yelling
  • threats
  • humiliation
  • isolation
  • terrorizing
  • mocking

Signs and Symptoms of Nursing Home Abuse

A change in personality is a good indication of abuse. The patient may be easily emotionally upset or agitated. Conversely, they may become extremely withdrawn and non-communicative. Physical abuse can manifest itself in ways such as:

  • torn or bloodied clothing
  • unexplained cuts
  • scrapes
  • scratches
  • bruises
  • broken bones

Other signs can include:

  • fear of being touched
  • sucking
  • biting
  • rocking
  • isolating
  • reluctance to speak in the presence of staff members
  • confusion
  • scattered thoughts

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