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Medical malpractice usually happens when healthcare providers offer substandard treatment to patients. The medical malpractice law is in place to ensure that victims recover compensation for any resulting injuries and damage.

There’s a misconception that if the patient is not satisfied with the treatment, he/she can file a lawsuit against the medical practitioner. That is not correct. It’s because, in order to demonstrate that medical malpractice occurred, the victim needs to establish the following points:

  • That a relationship existed between doctor and patient
  • That the medical practitioner had a duty of care towards the patient
  • That the medical practitioner breached the duty of care
  • That the patient suffered from damage due to the injury


If you’ve been harmed due to the negligence of a medical practitioner, you may choose to sue.

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Remember that the negligence should have caused personal injury to you and should have had serious impact including pain and suffering, or the inability to work.

You may also have a valid medical malpractice case if you did not give your consent for the treatment since as per law, the healthcare provider must inform you about all the possible outcomes, side effects, and expected results of the treatment.

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As per a study conducted by Johns Hopkins, medical errors are one of the leading causes of death in America.

Types of Medical Malpractice

Misdiagnosis: Failure to diagnose correctly is one of the most common medical errors. Commonly misdiagnosed conditions include cancer and heart attack. Failure to diagnose life-threatening conditions may lead to serious harm and in worst cases, death.

Surgical errors: Some examples of surgical errors include:

  • Carrying out unnecessary surgery
  • Leaving surgical equipment inside the body of the patient
  • Providing inadequate care after the surgery
  • Using non-sterile surgical equipment
  • Damaging nerves, organs, and tissues during surgery

Birth injuries: Expectant parents look forward to adding a new member to their family. They make arrangements for the baby’s arrival and spend days and weeks finding out more about childcare. But no parent can prepare for birth injuries caused due to the negligence of the doctor. Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit in such cases could ensure some amount of financial support for the family.

Failure to treat: There could be certain instances where the medical practitioner carries out the right diagnosis but fails to recommend the right treatment. Such situations could occur when medical practitioners treat multiple patients.

Prescription drug errors: Medical practitioners often prescribe wrong medication and incorrect dosage leading to serious repercussions.

There could also be instances where a medical malpractice occurs without causing any injury.

Requirements in Medical Malpractice Cases

A medical malpractice case must be brought immediately after an injury: In most states, it’s mandatory to bring up a medical malpractice case immediately after an injury. If you don’t file the lawsuit within a specific period of time, the court might dismiss the case.

Expert opinions are important: In case of medical malpractice, expert opinions are important. An expert is usually someone with experience in a particular field. However, persons who are eligible to provide medical testimony vary in different states.

Medical malpractice panels: There are many states that require the patient to submit a claim to the medical malpractice review panel. This panel consists of experts who will hear arguments, expert testimony, and review evidence.

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The Institute for Safe Medical Malpractice Estimates that Every Year, Medical Malpractice Affects 1.5 Million Americans. For Pursuing a Successful Medical Malpractice Case, Reach Out to Us.