Hire Motorcycle Attorney in New Orleans and Claim the Compensation You Deserve

Motorcycle accident attorney in New Orleans, LA

Hire Motorcycle Attorney in New Orleans and Claim the Compensation You Deserve

The Current Scenario

Every year there are millions of motorcycle accidents resulting in more deaths than car collisions. Motorcycle accidents are more fatal than accidents that involve cars. There is hardly any protection motorcycle riders have from the deadly impact of a collision. In case of a violent crash, it has been routinely observed that the motorcyclists get flung away from their bikes.

Regardless of whether the motorcyclist was responsible for the collision or not, usually it is them that are at the receiving end of fatal injuries. In case of a car accident, it is still possible to escape with minor injuries, but in a motorbike collision, one could end up losing their life or sustain life-long injuries. Personal injury lawyers in New Orleans at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess specialize in recovering compensation for people who have been victims of serious motorcycle accidents.

Causal Factors

While there are several precautionary measures that motorcyclists are expected to take, there is no guarantee that fatal accidents won’t occur. Causal factors may include poor communication between riders travelling in groups; road hazards like gravel, loose asphalt, and potholes; and inattentiveness of car and truck drivers leading to collisions with bikes.

Filing a Claim

Involvement in a motorbike accident doesn’t just affect you physically. It has a serious psychological impact as well in the form of stress and trauma. Injury in a motorbike accident entitles you to certain benefits and compensation. The person responsible for causing your injury may be legally liable to pay for medical costs for ongoing or future treatment, pain and suffering, cost of replacing or repairing the motorcycle, loss of income resulting from diminished earning potential, childcare, household help, etc. If you or a loved one have been hurt or wounded in a motorcycle accident in and around New Orleans, get in touch with seasoned New Orleans injury attorneys from the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess. Our attorneys have been fighting for the cause of accident victims for more than 20 years. They will pursue compensation on your behalf and stop at nothing to help you get fair and just recompense.

Schedule a Consultation

Whether you wish to negotiate a settlement or present your case, our dedicated motorcycle accident attorneys in New Orleans at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess can provide you with the best legal advice and representation. Learn about the options for filing a claim and recover the compensation you are entitled to. Start by availing of our free initial consultation.