Car Accidents and THEIR Associated Mental Health Risks

Car Accidents and THEIR Associated Mental Health Risks

Car Accidents and Their Associated Mental Health Risks

While any accident can be traumatic and result in serious injuries, car accidents are particularly deadly. Broken bones, organ damage, internal hemorrhage, and other serious injuries may have a lasting impact on mental health by inducing psychological trauma.

That’s where New Orleans injury attorneys come into the picture. If you have been injured in a car accident, you may already be experiencing hardship on the account of physical injury and mental trauma. Add to this the cost of mounting medical bills, loss of income etc. and the situation can become overwhelming. While doctors and counselors can help you recover, an experienced New Orleans personal injury lawyer can help you in obtaining appropriate compensation.

Psychological Effects of Car Accidents

While physical injuries are visible and given prompt treatment, the psychological effects of an accident are often ignored. If you feel traumatized by an accident, it is important to acknowledge the symptoms and speak to a doctor. Bear in mind that you are entitled to compensation for both physical injury as well as mental suffering.

Watch out for these psychological effects of car accidents:

  • Car accident victims often particularize lingering feelings of sadness after the accident lasting weeks, months, even years in cases of severe injury. People experience pain and respond to suffering differently. Some people recover quickly while others get bogged down at the thought of an uncertain future, leading to depression.
  • Road accident victims often find themselves unable to do many things they used to do, or resume working in the way they used to. The risk of losing finances, wages, or the inability to care for your family can cause a great deal of anxiety, often leading to a certain amount of disorientation that manifests in a disorder.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is similar to depression and anxiety with the same set of symptoms. PTSD manifests itself in re-experiencing where the victim relives the accident and is unable to stop thinking about it; avoidance, where the victim bypasses anything that reminds them of the accident; hyper-arousal, where the victim experiences increased heart rate, sweating, or shortness of breath; and negative moods, where the victim feels persistently plagued by negative thoughts.

As a consequence of a serious car accident, you may already be experiencing loss of appetite, sleep, lack of energy, accompanied by persistent feelings of sadness, difficulty in concentration, headaches, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies. It is best to consult a medical professional to make sense of your feelings.

How a Car Accident Attorney in New Orleans Can Help

A car accident attorney in New Orleans adds legitimacy to your claim for compensation. They can help you identify those intangible damages and get the treatment you need by assembling the evidence to prove your claim. They will take care of all legal formalities so that you are able to concentrate fully on your recovery. Contact experienced car accident attorneys in New Orleans for a consultation.