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Personal Injury Law is a part of the tort law that covers situations in which a person is hurt physically, mentally or emotionally due to the careless or negligent act of another person. A personal injury case begins when a plaintiff (victim) sues a person, business or entity.

A plaintiff may work with a New Orleans accident attorney to seek compensation for all their losses. Some of the common reasons behind personal injury cases include the following:

Common personal injury claims:

A New Orleans injury lawyer offers legal representation for any physical or psychological injury. Personal injury solicitors have all the necessary legal skills and also they excel in negotiation and oral advocacy.

Why Seek the Assistance of Lawyers?

An accident attorney in New Orleans will not only file your lawsuit, prove the negligence of the defendant, and fight with insurance companies, but they will also ensure that you receive the most suitable compensation.

Seeking the assistance of a Personal Injury Attorney ensures that you get almost 3.5 times more money in a settlement-Insurance Research Council Study

Accident Attorney in New Orleans, LA

If you have become a victim of personal injury, you can always seek the assistance of the accident attorney in New Orleans, LA at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess. Our offices are spread across 8 locations throughout Louisiana. With more than 20 years of experience in representing clients in many areas of personal injury law, we ensure to provide the most suitable solution. Our notaries have always been appreciated for recovering millions through verdicts and settlements.

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“Mr. Burgess is a great attorney and litigator. When I was injured on the job, he fought for me and made sure that I received what was fair compensation for my injury. He was brilliant and I was glad that he was fighting on my behalf!”

5 Stars by K.H.

“The best attorney in town. I highly recommend him.”

5 Stars by J.C.

“Excellent attorney! Willing to fight tough battles against politicians, insurance companies and big corporations for his clients. A true believer and defender of individual rights.”

5 Stars by M.T.

“This is an amazing group of people! They are caring and very helpful! So thankful that I chose Clay Burgess to represent me!”

5 Stars by D.S.

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